Rebekah’s House aims to help families stay together during periods of homelessness. We try to steward our funds well in order to help the families as much as possible. Volunteers help us sustain this work and they are always welcome. Churches can volunteer to prepare meals, spend time at the homes and help maintain the property.

Participating churches and organizations provide:

  • Assistance getting children registered for school
  • Address offering stability for children
  • Case management services

Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Interact with the families
  • Spend the night to ensure families are following guidelines
  • A comprehensive list of rules for those staying in the house will be provided.
  • Contact board member on call if difficulties arise
  • Follow instructions for directing families to daily resources

Contact Us

If you’d like to volunteer or have questions about Rebekah’s House, you can contact the board at rhboard@outlook.com.

Thanks to Our Volunteers!

Thank you to the volunteers from Cedar Lake Christian Assembly of Biloxi, MS!  They put in a hard day’s work power washing the fences and driveway, mowing and weed eating the yard, cleaning the gutters, clearing away plants, and installing new fans.  They even brought a basket of goodies for the house!  Your efforts are always appreciated.


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