Approximately eighteen congregations ( of different denominations) saw a need to help homeless families on the Mississippi Gulf Coast; therefore, they formed an charitable organization called “Ocean Springs – Long Beach Interfaith Hospitality Network.”  At that time, OS-LB IHN was affiliated with the national “Family Promise” network.  The Churches would coordinate to allow homeless families to stay in their parish halls or buildings for one week each, with the members of the congregations providing food and fellowship to the homeless families.  This situation was not ideal, as often school aged children had to move each week which made it difficult for them to be enrolled in school.  After Hurricane Katrina wiped out many of the sponsoring Churches, the network was disrupted.  Therefore, the Episcopal Relief and Development, along with funding from The Leo Seal Foundation, secured a building to be a permanent “home” for the homeless families.  The building was previously an assisted living facility which was known as “Rebekah’s House.”  Today, Rebekah’s House is operated as a charity, with a Resident Aide and a working Board of Directors, to help homeless families with children get back on their feet.  It not only provides shelter, but also assists the adult family members in finding jobs and helps to enroll the children in school.